Kristi Snell

Kristi Snell

Company: Yield10 Biosciences

Job title: President, Research


Dr. Kristi Snell is the CSO and VP of Research at the agricultural bioscience company Yield10 Bioscience, a company focused on development of disruptive technologies to increase the productivity and sustainability of agriculture.  She has over 20 years of experience in metabolic engineering of plants and microbes for production of polymers/chemicals or to increase plant yield.  Dr. Snell received a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Purdue University and performed post-doctoral research at MIT. Prior to Yield10, she led the plant science research programs at Metabolix, an industrial biotechnology company, to produce biopolymers in plants. 


Roundtable: Analyzing the Next-Generation of Promising Target Traits: Revolutionizing the Future of Agriculture 1:00 pm

Certain traits have the potential to dramatically increase outputs without compromising on environmental impact, so that we can feed and sustain the 10 billion population by 2050. Equally, genome editing of crops has the power to bring higher quality, more nutritional products to consumers. This roundtable will explore some of the next-generation traits that are…Read more

day: Day Two

The GRAIN Platform: Integration of Metabolic and Genomic Models into a Trait Development Program to Aid Target Gene Selection 3:00 pm

Understanding the need for better modelling as editing shifts from single edits to complex systems with multiple edits Integrating metabolic and genomic models to identify genes to modify to achieve a phenotype Highlighting the use of The GRAIN Platform to identify traits to increase oil content and/or seed yield in the oilseed CamelinaRead more

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