Eyal Maori

Eyal Maori

Company: Tropic Biosciences

Job title: Chief Science Officer


Dr. Eyal Maori is an entrepreneur and scientist with special interest in the RNA interconnection of infection, immunity and gene dynamics. In recent years Eyal scientifically co-founded the RNAi company Beeologics (acquired by Monsanto in 2011), and later served as a Chief Science Officer at Forrest Innovations, which develops an RNA-based platform for mosquito control. In 2016 he co-founded Tropic Biosciences; a UK-based startup that develops gene-editing technologies and product pipelines for tropical crops including coffee and banana.


Roundtable: Analyzing the Next-Generation of Promising Target Traits: Revolutionizing the Future of Agriculture 1:00 pm

Certain traits have the potential to dramatically increase outputs without compromising on environmental impact, so that we can feed and sustain the 10 billion population by 2050. Equally, genome editing of crops has the power to bring higher quality, more nutritional products to consumers. This roundtable will explore some of the next-generation traits that are…Read more

day: Day Two

Using CRISPR to Edit ‘Next Tier’ Crops: The Unique Challenges & Opportunities 5:00 pm

Exploring the commercial potential of crops including banana and coffee, and the reasoning behind crop selection Developing a gene editing system to address disease resistance in banana Understanding and overcoming the challenges associated with working on ‘next-generation’ cropsRead more

day: Day One

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