Eduardo Gonzáles Grandió

Eduardo Gonzáles Grandió

Company: Landry Lab, University of California at Berkeley

Job title: Postdoctoral Fellow


Eduardo is a PhD in Plant Molecular Genetics with 10 years of experience. Using molecular biology and bioinformatic approaches, he has studied how external cues affect plant gene regulatory networks and their developmental responses. He is always interested in the biotechnological applications of his research results. 
He is currently optimizing a DNA-delivery technique based on functionalized carbon nanotubes that will enable transgene-free gene editing in plants.   


Improving CRISPR/Cas9 Transient Expression from DNA Plasmids Delivered by Carbon Nanotubes 9:00 am

Presenting an update on the carbon nanotube technology being used to deliver CRISPR in plants Improving efficiency of CRISPR-Cas expression through improvement of DNA plasmid systems Exploring how plasmids behave in different plants and how to enhance efficiency in different plant typesRead more

day: Day Two

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