A Unique Approach to Stacking Traits in Canola Using Cibus’ Trait Machine™

Time: 2:30 pm
day: Day One


  • Canola, called rapeseed in Europe, is the world’s second largest source of protein meal, third largest source of vegetable oil and is one of the most valuable crops globally, with approximately 46 million acres grown in North America and Europe alone.
  • Cibus, a pioneer of precision gene editing for agriculture, has reached significant milestones in developing three new traits for canola. By editing diverse elite parental lines, the three new canola traits showcase Cibus’ unique and patented approach to addressing challenges that reduce yield while simultaneously increasing efficiency for farmers. The new traits precisely edit the canola genome to:
    • Reduce seed loss from pod shatter, the tendency of canola seed pods to open pre-harvest that can reduce yields by as much as 40 percent
    • Provide disease resistance to Sclerotinia, or white mold, a pathogen that can reduce yields by as much as 50 percent, and can improve sustainability by reducing or eliminating a fungicide treatment
    • Introduce a novel weed control system as a means of increasing canola yields by controlling weeds, particularly herbicide resistant weeds, that compete for nutrients and sunlight