Driving Innovation with Public-Private Partnerships To Accelerate Advanced Breeding Methodologies
1:00pm – 4:00pm

The aim of this workshop is to identify current knowledge gaps and set priorities for research funding to addresses problems that are of common interest to both the public and private sector.

Clearly there is a need to harness new technologies to benefit consumers, producers and the environment.

This workshop will be largely discussion based and focused on the following areas:

• Outlining the critical problems facing the increasingly unstable food system of today
• How the industry are accelerating the development of crops that benefit our field now and in the future with a strong focus on crop diversification, crop resiliency and accelerated breeding methodologies
• How we can expand the scientific understanding of traits that give rise to complex characteristics crops will need to adapt to changing environments
• How should we prioritize the next generation crop funding on advanced breeding methodologies?

The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) was established by Congress in 2014 to be complementary with the USDA and provide a mechanism to leverage funding to support agricultural research. The workshop will provide an overview of a number of ways to engage with FFAR as well as an insight to all the technologies currently being investigated or funded by the FFAR

Workshop Leader

Jeff Roshichan

Jeff Rosichan
Director, Crops of the Future Collaborative
Foundation for Food and
Agriculture Research (FFAR)

Dr. Rosichan earned his doctorate in genetics and cell biology at Washington State University and did postgraduate work at University of California, Davis. He joined FFAR in January 2018 as the inaugural Director of the Crops of the Future Collaborative. Jeff brings 30 years of agriculture industry experience as a senior R&D executive with significant management, scouting and early stage milestone development expertise.