About Event

Why Attend the CRISPR AgBio Congress?

The CRISPR AgBio Congress is dedicated to showcasing the latest developments in CRISPR technology through its innovative applications in agriculture. Bringing together experts from across the CRISPR space, this event will offer you the opportunity to:

Navigate the unsettled regulatory landscape

  • Ask burning questions to our regulatory panel, with representatives from the USDA, FDA & CFIA, to gain clarity on the most up-to-date international regulatory guidelines

Discover the latest CRISPR tools being utilized in plants

  • Hear how Pairwise are developing and implementing prime editing, base editing & other precision editing tools for more precise and efficient genome edits

Explore the realities of commercializing gene edited agricultural products

  • Learn how the Center for Food Integrity are building a framework for responsible genome editing and bridging the gap between the public and industry

Delve into the latest in transgene free plant transformation methods

  • Discover how Feng Zhang, University of Minnesota is delivering CRISPR-Cas apparatus as ribonucleoproteins to avoid DNA integration and gain ‘non-GMO’ status

Implement gene discovery tools for better target validation and identification

  • Explore how Yield10 Biosciences are integrating genomic and metabolic models into a trait development program to ensure more efficient target gene selection

For more information, download the full event guide.