Harness Next Generation CRISPR Tools that Enable Precise & Efficient Plant Genome Modification to Revolutionize the Future of Agriculture

CRISPR has the real power to transform agricultural development.

In the last decade, CRISPR has ushered in dramatic advances in speed, scope and scale of genetic improvement in plants: yet this journey is far from complete.

The CRISPR AgBio Congress is the only meeting dedicated exclusively to showcasing next generation CRISPR tools being applied to deliver sustainable and superior agricultural products to market faster and help meet the world’s growing nutritional demands.

Don’t get left behind. Join pioneering companies and institutions including Corteva, Pairwise, the USDA and Napigen to usher in the next generation of precise and efficient plant genome editing.

2020 Partners:

Hear from previous attendees:

It was a great opportunity to learn from outstanding speakers and to network with industry leaders."

Past Attendee, CRISPR AgBio Event Series

CRISPR AgBio Congress allowed me to understand the current status of genome editing technologies, as well as network with peers in the industry."

Past Attendee, CRISPR AgBio Event Series