29-31 May 2018
San Diego, USA

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    The 2nd CRISPR & NBT AgBio Congress taking place on the 29th – 31st of May 2018 in San Diego, USA returns as the premier conference dedicated to help agbiotech and agrochemical companies leverage the power of CRISPR, advanced Novel Breeding Techniques (NBTs) and precision genome editing to overcome key R&D, commercialization and regulatory challenges in order to optimize trait discovery, development & commercialization of products that deliver improved yields & tolerance.

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    Featured Speakers:

    ■ Rene Ruiter– Head of Trait Validation- Bayer CropScience

    ■ Cory A. Christensen – Global Program Leader for Technology- Dow AgroSciences LLC

    ■ Neil E. Hoffman– Chief Science Advisor- USDA/APHIS

    ■ Nandini Krishnamurthy– Senior Manager- Trait Discovery- DuPont Pioneer

    ■ Patrick Cournoyer– Consumer Safety Officer- FDA

    ■ Jingwen Chen– Quality Manager and Global GMO Detection lead- Syngenta

    ■ Greg Gocal– CEO- Cibus

    ■ Tammy-Lee Stanoch– President & CEO- Recombinetics

    ■ Chris K. Fuller– VP Informatics- Caribou Biosciences


    Key Topics to be Addressed in 2018:

    ■ Discover how to adopt and apply the latest CRISPR & NBTs to optimize trait discovery, targeting and translation to successfully improve product development

    ■ Learn how to improve the efficiency and delivery of CRISPR genome editing while minimizing unwanted off-target effects through case studies from the likes of Caribou Biosciences, Recombinetics and leading academics

    ■ Maximize the potential for developing and commercializing superior agriculture products using CRISPR & NBTs based on the success of the industry leading companies such as Bayer, DuPont Pioneer, Syngenta & Dow AgroSciences

    ■ Through real world case studies from the likes of ASTA, The centre for Food Integrity & Dow AgroSciences find out how to communicate and educate consumers towards understanding and accepting genome editing in food

    ■ Through FDA & USDA find out what is the latest and future regulatory landscape of CRISPR & NBTs edited products globally