TBA 2019
San Diego, USA

Precisely Apply CRISPR Genome Editing & Harness Next Generation NBTs to Optimize Trait Discovery, Development & Commercialization of Products that Deliver Improved Yields & Tolerance

With the growing demand on the agriculture industry to increase productivity in challenging climates and growing world’s population, the 2nd Annual CRISPR & NBT AgBio Congress 2018 returns as the premier conference dedicated to help agbiotech and agrochemical companies leverage the power of CRISPR, advanced Novel Breeding Techniques (NBTs) and precision genome editing to overcome yield, pathogen and sustainability challenges. Whether working on crops, livestock or aquaculture, truly understand the functional genomics of your species, target the key genetic drives, optimize the product development and ultimately commercialize the next generation of agricultural products to market faster.

The application of faster and more accurate breeding techniques to achieve the most desirable traits is no longer hypothetical. Via the application of CRISPR, and other NBTs, dramatic advances in speed, scope and scale of genetic improvement is now today’s reality.

At the 2nd CRISPR & NBT AgBio Congress 2018, not only discover how to adopt the latest techniques and methodologies, but learn how to improve the efficiency and delivery of CRISPR genome editing, minimizing unwanted off-target effects in the process. Maximize the potential for developing and commercializing superior agriculture products that boast desired traits but also accepted by the regulators and the end consumers.


"The conference is of great interest because it will cover the newest topics and the regulatory status related to CRISPR/Cas9 technology. I am especially excited for the opportunity to interact with leaders in the field and the potential for collaborations"

Boyce Thompson Institute, Speaker at CRISPR AgBio Congress

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